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Event Wi-Fi- $10,000
Help attendees stay connected with speedy Wi-Fi throughout the Exhibit Hall.

Benefits include:

  • Logo on Wi-Fi information in the Convention Program

  • Signage and logo recognition on Wi-Fi information signs

  • Opportunity to include the company name or acronym in NCTE-branded Wi-Fi password

Mobile App Sponsorship- $8,000 

Get your name and brand front and center to make a strong impression with new and existing members.

Benefits include:

  • Homepage banner logo placement

  • Sponsor icons

  • Recognition under the sponsor tab

Photo Booth- $8,000

Sure to be a popular destination, the Photo Booth will be a fun way for attendees to take a mental break and create amazing memories with other attendees.

Benefits include:

  • Sign with logo recognition in the Photo Booth area

  • “Sponsored by” recognition in the Convention Program, plus a short description of your organization

  • Pictures printed with co-branded logo


Contact Christina Kardon to reserve and/or learn more information.

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